First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for this great opportunity to become the President of AsCNP 2017-2018. It is my great honor to organize the 5th AsCNP Congress 2017 that will be held in Bali, April 27th to 29th.

The AsCNP was founded in 2008 after the founded of CINP, ACNP and ECNP respectively. Even the AsCNP is the youngest, but it has great achievements in this 8 years. Together in a great global network with CINP, ACNP and ECNP, AsCNP wants to make an innovation for the discovering of new psychotropics.

AsCNP annual meeting is regularly held in every 2 years, first congress was in Kyoto, Japan, the second was in Seoul, Korea, the third was in Beijing, China, and the fourth was in Taipei, Taiwan. All of these congresses were very successful with fruitful discussion and communication. The 5th AsCNP Congress is moving far from the East Asia to the Southeast Asia, with a main goal to stimulate the quality of basic and clinical research and education in developing countries at the Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. We hope that after this congress, many more young scientists who will interest and actively involved in the researches and new invention of neuropsychopharmacological field.

In these 2 years period, I hope AsCNP will be more develop and we will plan one big step is that if possible we want to organize a workshop or regional meeting between the annual meetings. In order to improve this organization, we really hope that we can work hand-in-hand, and we really appreciate your idea or suggestion in any field.

Thank you very much.

AsCNP President

Andi J Tanra

February, 2017



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